What is the I GIVE Campaign?

The I GIVE Campaign for EvergreenHealth Monroe is the Foundation’s annual staff, physician, and volunteer giving campaign.  We hope to fulfill our year-round mission to provide our community with compassionate, safe and exceptional care, and build a culture of philanthropy at EvergreenHealth Monroe

What does the I GIVE campaign support?

Staff have the opportunity to direct their I GIVE contribution to any service area where a fund is set-up.  We invite and highly encourage employees to contribute to the Employee Giving Fund which supports the Small Grants Program.

When is the I GIVE Campaign?

Gifts are accepted year-round, and employees can donate through payroll deduction, one-time cash gift, or donate PTO hours. In the Fall, the Foundation runs our staff campaign to bring awareness to our employee giving program. 

Payroll pledges will be booked from January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2023 and will rollover each year, unless otherwise directed.

Thank you for partnering with us!

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Staff, physicians and volunteers can make a one-time gift to support the Employee Giving Fund.
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Join the IGIVE Campaign

The I GIVE Campaign is the Foundation's workplace giving program where staff can participate through payroll deduction.
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EvergreenHealth Monroe employees can donate PTO hours as long as they comply with the policy for PTO Cash-out.
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Small Grants Program

Small Grants is a program in which employees at EvergreenHealth Monroe have the opportunity to apply for small grants for their departments to better meet the needs of their patients that otherwise cannot be covered by their budgets.  Every year a committee is brought together to review the grants and award those that meet the small grant guidelines.

Projects Made Possible by the Small Grants Program

Trauma Department
To replace outdated AED training units used inside and outside the hospital.

Environmental Services
To purchase new shower curtains for safety, cleanliness and consistency for the Recovery Center.

Recovery Center
To purchase new bed alarms, nebulizer, T-pumps, and hot water bottles for safer and better patient

To provide bleeding control kits to small groups after Stop the Bleed trainings in the community.

Recovery Center
To acquire a new projector and computer station to support inpatient and outpatient recovery programs.

Plant Operations
To heighten the level of security for our staff and patients as well as to aid law enforcement in the
event of an incident on campus. Security / Lighting upgrade Godard & Administration Parking Lot

1. Transportation options upon discharge. 2. Memory care fullfillment.

Various exercise equipment for patients staying at the Recovery Center at EvergreenHealth Monroe. 

Recording and A/V equipment to provide virtual options for patients. 

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