Recognize a Caregiver

Recognize exceptional care of a provider today.


Excellent care comes in many forms. Perhaps it was life-saving treatment, calming words or simply taking a genuine interest in a patient’s well-being. Patients often ask “What can I do to give back for the great care I received?” Giving back not only feels great but also provides an excellent opportunity to pause and reflect on the meaningful impact providers had on you or a loved one.

Great care is not possible by simply employing great people. Great care also comes through having the  the support of the community by means of generous gifts from patients and families. If you were touched in a meaningful way, please recognize them in a way that allows them to better help you and future patients of EvergreenHealth.

Let a provider know you’re grateful for his or her commitment to your health by making a fully tax-deductible gift.

Each provider you honor will receive a notification acknowledging your gratitude.