Jessica's Story

Growing up with no history or use of alcohol or drugs, the thought of becoming an addict never crossed Jessica’s mind. But at 33 years old, alcoholism began to take over her life as her marriage collapsed and her third child was born. Using alcohol as a means to escape her feelings and numb the pain, she developed a habit that spiraled out of control, even when things got better in her life.

After going through another breakup six years later, Jessica’s addiction reached its peak. During the day she hid it well while maintaining her job and caring for her kids, but as soon as her kids went to sleep she started drinking. Jessica blacked out every night drinking a minimum of two bottles of wine.

Despite waking up with misery and regret and knowing she needed help, the thought of raising three kids, working full-time, and needing to pay bills, made leaving for treatment seem unfeasible. However, reading an “Employee Rights” poster at work led her to discover that FMLA covered rehab treatment for employees. Knowing her job would be safe, Jessica finally felt hope that she would be able to receive the help she needed.

After researching treatment centers, Jessica found The Recovery Center at EvergreenHealth Monroe, which met all her criteria. They accepted her insurance and the staff were supportive and kind when explaining the treatment process. For example, they helped her understand that detox was necessary as her current level of alcohol consumption could trigger a seizure or other medical issues if she came off alcohol without the proper care.

Nervous and scared, Jessica started her program at EvergreenHealth Monroe. During detox, she had the same nurse there for her throughout the process, treating her with kindness and respect, even at her lowest low. Her nurse made it clear just how amazing it was for her to be taking back her life. During the remainder of her stay in residential treatment, she continued to receive support and kindness from staff, allowing her to grow, learn, and find herself again.

After completing the entire program which included detox, residential and Intensive outpatient treatment, Jessica continued attending AA meetings for a year. Jessica has now been clean and sober for three years. She has an amazing relationship with her children who are incredibly proud of her and have supported her along the way. They have witnessed her struggle, recover, and fight for her life. Jessica’s personal growth since achieving sobriety is also remarkable. She has lost 50 pounds, gained more energy, and has taken up hiking – a newfound passion. Jessica is eager to share her story, hoping it will inspire and help others who may be struggling with addiction. She is resolute in her recovery and feels privileged to experience the emotions she once tried to suppress.

For Jessica, The Recovery Center at EvergreenHealth Monroe is more than just a place where she received treatment; it was a life-changing experience that saved her and greatly impacted her family. Jessica speaks highly of the Center’s values, where patients are respected and feel safe at their most vulnerable time. It’s so important to her that this resource continues to be there for others on a similar journey.

Join us today in supporting patients like Jessica.

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