Spread Love this Valentine's Day

The EvergreenHealth Monroe Foundation invites you to recognize and thank your peers and colleagues at EvergreenHealth Monroe for their teamwork and collaboration.  It’s a fun way to show appreciation and gratitude for those on your teams and anyone you wish to recognize throughout EvergreenHealth Monroe.

Between now and February 11th, in the form below, list the staff member, caregiver, healthcare provider or department you wish to send a Candy Gram to, fill in the message box, if sending to more than one person please fill in additional fields. You can submit as many forms as you would like. Each Candy Gram costs $1.75 and will be paid through payroll deduction unless other arrangements are made with the Foundation at monroefoundation@evergreenhealth.com. If you would like to send over 10 Candy Grams, contact the Foundation for an easy-to-fill bulk form. 

What is a Candy Gram?

A Candy Gram is a gift of candy that is delivered with a message from the sender to show appreciation and gratitude for their coworker(s).

How does it work this year?

It’s easy!

With the health and well-being of our colleagues and patients in mind, Candy Grams will be available online only for $1.75/each.

EHM Employees will pay through Payroll Deduction (unless other payment options are arranged with the Foundation).  You can order your Candy Grams between now and February 11 by filling out the form below.

When do we get our Candy Gram?

Candy Gram messages will be delivered on February 12 along with their candy bar coupon to each Department’s leader.

To collect your candy treat(s) visit Trax Edge Café between Wednesday, February 17 through Sunday, February 21.

Candy Grams


Contact the Foundation at monroefoundation@evergreenhealth.com

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